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“Fremantle Ducks” is as collaboration between myself and artist friend “Nick”. We are creating a range of paintings that depict scenes throughout Perth in a quirky and unique way.

For many years Nick has been painting and not so long ago began a series portraying his, and my hometown and surrounding areas in the UK. I purchased various copies for my own home here in Fremantle and had many friends who saw them saying how much they liked them. This got me thinking and wondering if the same idea would work for sights in Fremantle, Perth and WA.

Over a period of time I picked places and themes that I thought would work, came up with ideas, took hundreds of photographs, and then not being able to paint in the slightest bombarded my painter mate with it all until he submitted and agreed to me commissioning him to fulfill my vision.

And so "Fremantle Ducks" was born.


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